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We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada. Sorry, we cannot ship live plants to AZ or CA. We cannot ship currants, gooseberries or grapes to ID or WA. We cannot ship grapes to OR. We cannot ship gooseberries or currants to CO, DE, ME, MA, MT, NJ, NM, OH, WA, WV.
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Strawberry 'Eversweet'
Our Price: $3.00

Glossy red, long-necked fruit, Ozark beauty has a very mild, sweet flavor. Very productive everbearing variety will bear fruit in late spring and again in fall. Plant with June-bearing 'Earli Glow' to extend fruit season. Order 18 plants and get 25% off!
Grape 'Concord Seedless'
Our Price: $15.00

Blue-black, seedless berries in compact clusters. Vigorous, hardy vine. Fruit useful for fresh eating, pies, jelly and jams. Also used to produce America's original dessert wine, Concord is famous for its deep purple color and classic sweetness. Concord's intense fruity flavor is perfect as an after-dinner sipping wine.
'Pixwell' gooseberry
Our Price: $15.00

Medium, pale green becoming pink when ripe. Fruit borne on long pedicels with few thorns. Unpicked, ripe fruit will keep up to a week. Great for all culinary purposes.
Blackberry 'Triple Crown'
Our Price: $15.00

Thornless. Grows 5-6' in height. This variety is a semi erect type plant, bears very heavy, large fruit with excellant flavor. A more wind resistant variety, its canes do not brake at base like some varieties. Fruit is borne on two-year old canes. Prune out fruit bearing canes after fruiting, being careful not to cut new canes (next year's fruiting canes).
Blackberry 'Apache'
Our Price: $15.00

Thornless blackberry that is erect and self-supporting. Glossy black berries, sweeter and firmer than some other thornless varieties, with smaller seed size. Also very winter hardy. Requires little maintenanceóno wires or trellis needed.
Blueberry 'Bluecrop'
Our Price: $15.00

Considered the best all around variety for adaptability, consistent yields, high quality fruit and disease resistance. Bluecrop is perhaps the most widely planted variety in the U.S. Large, high quality fruit ripening mid-season. Plants grow 4-6' tall in an upright, open growth habit.
Blueberry 'Blueray'
Our Price: $15.00

An old favorite and a versatile variety, Blueray performs particularly well in areas with hot summers or very cold winters, and produces high quality berries with outstanding dessert flavor. The rosy pink flowers turn bright white when in full bloom burgundy foliage in fall. Upright growing habit to 5' high. Plant at least two varieties for pollinating ó all three is better!
Blueberry ''Patriot'
Our Price: $15.00

Selected for home gardeners who desire a cold-hardy variety with consistent crops. Patriotís low growing bush reflects its partial lowbush parentage. It is adaptable to many soil types and makes an excellent landscape variety with its showy white blooms in the spring, dark green summer foliage, and fiery orange-red fall foliage. Large, tangy fruit, ripening early season. Plants grow 3-4' high in an open, spreading growth habit.
Raspberry 'Heritage' red
Our Price: $15.00

This everbearing variety bears fruit the first year. Produces light crop in spring, and a heavy crop in fall.
Currant 'Red Lake'
Our Price: $15.00

Outstanding variety with clusters of bright red berries of good quality. Vigorous, disease resistant and cold hardy. Semi-erect, compact, mounding, deciduous shrub grows 3-5' tall. Clusters of greenish-yellow flowers bloom in spring are noticeable but not  ornamental. Flowers give way to long hanging clusters of bright red fruits ripening in July. Foliage is aromatic when crushed. Red currants, although tart, may be eaten ripe off the shrub, but are more often harvested for jams, jellies and pies.
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